Kyle Pitts has worked in the financial industry since 2005, with an ongoing passion to see today’s youth not only be financially literate, but to pass their knowledge and assets onto their families & communities. As a graduate of Howard University, Kyle's formal education lies in Mechanical Engineering; but although he has a science background, he’s always been a teacher at heart. It was in his third year at Howard that he was accepted into a prestigious investment banking program in Verbier, Switzerland. This is where the idea of Corporation Me! was born. While being exposed to the world’s economics, Kyle was overwhelmed with all he was learning and knew he had to bring back these financial resources to his community.  Corporation Me! Financial Education is a reflection of experiences and  knowledge he has learned from that international program, as well as, full-time career positions with UBS Financial Services, Merrill Lynch and PNC Investments as a financial consultant. 

Corporation Me! Financial Education is about teaching the youth financial legacy.  Although Kyle’s experience within working in the financial industry makes him qualified to teach financial literacy, he credits his financial confidence from his late grandfather who believed: if who couldn’t buy it, you couldn’t afford it.